Keep Michigan Free

Our Endorsed Candidates

Martha Ptashnik District: 19
Chase Turner District: 38
Mark Tisdel District: 45
Bob Bezotte District: 47
David Martin District: 48
TC Clements District: 56
Andrew Fink District: 58
Steve Carra District: 59
Bronwyn Haltom District: 61
Patrick Outman District: 70
Gina Johnsen District: 71
Bryan Posthumus District: 73
Andrew Beeler District: 83
Timmy Beson District: 96
John Roth District: 104
Ken Borton District: 105
John Damoose District: 107

Our Endorsed Incumbents

State Rep. Diana Farrington District: 30
State Rep. Pamela Hornberger District: 32
State Rep. Douglas Wozniak District: 36
State Rep. Ryan Berman District: 39
State Rep. Ann Bollin District: 42
State Rep. Andrea Schroeder District: 43
State Rep. Matt Maddock District: 44
State Rep. John Reilly District: 46
State Rep. Michael Mueller District: 51
State Rep. Bronna Kahle District: 57
State Rep. Matt Hall District: 63
State Rep. Julie Alexander District: 64
State Rep. Sarah Lightner District: 65
State Rep. Beth Griffin District: 66
State Rep. Steven Johnson District: 72
State Rep. Mark Huizenga District: 74
State Rep. Tommy Brann District: 77
State Rep. Brad Paquette District: 78
State Rep. Pauline Wendzel District: 79
State Rep. Mary Whiteford District: 80
State Rep. Gary Eisen District: 81
State Rep. Philip Green District: 84
State Rep. Thomas Albert District: 86
State Rep. Julie Calley District: 87
State Rep. Luke Meerman District: 88
State Rep. James Lilly District: 89
State Rep. Bradley Slagh District: 90
State Rep. Greg VanWoerkom District: 91
State Rep. Graham Filler District: 93
State Rep. Rodney Wakeman District: 94
State Rep. Jason Wentworth District: 97
State Rep. Annette Glenn District: 98
State Rep. Roger Hauck District: 99
State Rep. Jack O’Malley District: 101
State Rep. Michele Hoitenga District: 102
State Rep. Daire Rendon District: 103
State Rep. Sue Allor District: 106
State Rep. Beau LaFave District: 108
State Rep. Greg Markkanen District: 110

We Want to Hear from You

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